Rehabilitation centers in Panama

Settings and therapies for spinal somatic dysfunction, palatal, mandibular base of the skull atlas, peripheral joints. neural therapy, electro, ear and more .

Centro de Osteopatía y Terapias Complementarias

Settings and therapies for spinal somatic dysfunction, palatal, mandibular base of the skull atlas, peripheral joints.
Neural therapy, electro, Ear and more ....
Pathologies: back pain, recurring stiff neck, headaches, neurological stress, anxiety, functional imbalance of the body, neck movement dysfunction ...
El Carmen, calle Elida Diez, edificio Acuario PB - Panamá - Panama

Centro de Rehabilitacion

We are a private rehabilitation center specializing in the care of addictions to alcohol, drugs, drugs, anxiety disorders, depression. and so on.

We have over 20 years of experience in a totally confidential and personalized.
Las Palmas de Gorgona, Panama. - Chame - Panamá - Panama
Rpte: Flory Hidalgo

Physical therapy in Panama -
We are a company created in Mexico City since 1995 and whose intention is the free import, export and marketing of equipment for physical medicine...

Psychologists in Panama
We are a comprehensive mental health clinic. We offer therapy services for individuals, couples and groups, psychiatry, preventive health (wellness) and various holistic therapies. All...

Villa y Escuela Ayurveda

Villa and school teaching hindu ayurveda ayurveda massage treatments and traditional southern India.
- Santiago - Veraguas - Panama

Centro Ayurveda Nixia Lino

Centro Ayurveda Nixia Lino Traditional Ayurveda Medicine of South India, detoxifying Panchkarma. Management and human energy marmas Ayurveda. Ayurveda study program in Panama with online and boarding programs for 10 months.
La Pitha, Santiago de Veraguas - Antón - Coclé - Panama

Psychotherapists in Panama
Welcome to, space where you will find information on how it works and how to recover from addictive patterns generated by co-dependency....

Clinics and hospitals in Panama -
Clinic located in the DF specializing in hyperbaric medicine. Support for the medical and surgical treatment failures healing in diabetic, varicose ulcer, gangrene, burns, diabetic...

Cuidados Respiratorios

Dedicated to the care of all respiratory diseases: asthma, bronchitis, bronchiolitis, pulmonary rehabilitation in patients with cerebral palsy, treatments for sinusitis, respiratory diagnostic testing, implementing drainage inhalotherapy respiratory therapy.
Consultorio Medico San Judas Tadeo, Piso 4, Consultorio 404, - San Miguelito - Panamá - Panama

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