Orthopedics in Panamá (Panamá, Panama)

Distribution and exclusive representation for central america, caribbean and the pacific south of polymeric gel products " dr.

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U.S. Pharmacy Group

U.S. Pharmacy Group Distribution and exclusive representation for Central America, Caribbean and the pacific south of polymeric gel products " Dr. lenox". products and materials of podologico, orthopaedic and medicinal use divided in 2 groups: - orthopaedic the podologica line/, destined mainly to the care of the foot and reduction of the plantar impact. - hospitable line, of use in rehabilitation of scars, More...
Av.Centenario N° 31, Costa del Este. - Panamá - Panama

TECNOR -Centro Técnico Ortopédico

Production and distribution of orthopedic and rehabilitation products in general.
Av. México y Calle 31 Edificio nº 1-109 - Panamá - Panama

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