Clinics and hospitals in Panama

Specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics in panama.

Dr. Francisco Antonio Medina Mosley

Specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics in Panama.
Centro Especializado San Fernando, piso 9, consultorio 6. - Panamá - Panama

Clinica Busch Chiropractic

Clinica Busch Chiropractic Clinic for back pain and neck. Natural methods, not using surgery or pharmaceuticals to improve what hurts.
Edificio Plaza Balboa Local 10, Cinta Costera, Punta Paitilla, Panama - Panamá - Panama

Doctors in Panama -
Specialist in internal medicine and geriatrics in Panama. ...

Medical centers in Panama
Private doctors, located in Villa Lucre, serving the community. we have various specialties of medical / dental / laboratory / radiology center and most insurance...

Centro de Osteopatía y Terapias Complementarias

Our center offers professional osteopathy therapy European training, alternating acupuncture, laser puncture, flexion distraction treatment for back health and overall neck, jaw, hips disfunsión of "iliac" pubalgia, migraines, short legs , scoliosis, asthma, epilepsy, disfunsión skull, premature aging, stress and more.
Ciudad de Panamá, nuevo reparto el Carmen, Edificio Acuario planta baja - Panamá - Panama

Centro de Osteopatía y Terapias Complementarias

Settings and therapies for spinal somatic dysfunction, palatal, mandibular base of the skull atlas, peripheral joints.
Neural therapy, electro, Ear and more ....
Pathologies: back pain, recurring stiff neck, headaches, neurological stress, anxiety, functional imbalance of the body, neck movement dysfunction ...
El Carmen, calle Elida Diez, edificio Acuario PB - Panamá - Panama

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